Homa is a religious ritual performed through fire is also known as Fire ritual followed by Hinduism, Buddhism and even by Greco-Roman religions. The fire which is called as Agni in Hindu culture is one of the five inert impermanent constituents is a representation of God on earth. It is believed that worshipping God through fire purifies one’s soul. This is because the internal fire responsible for purifying one’s consciousness resonates to the external fire.
Rituals are symbols which serve a specific purpose. They slowly inculcate desired understanding on the consciousness and rid of its conditioning. When a person whose leg is fractured uses a support it may be in the form of a walking stick or a stretcher until he gets fully recovered one focuses the mind on rituals while the consciousness cures of its conditioning. Ritual is like a walking stick or the stretchers.

Vastu-Shastra is an ancient Vedic science that teaches building technologies and procedures that are in harmony with man, nature, cosmic forces, and the laws of the universe. The advancement of quantum physics has brought us extremely near to understanding the consequences of these principles on human consciousness.Modern architecture focuses on the physical comfort and functional efficiency of the structure while ignoring the subtle natural principles that affect the structure and its inhabitants.Proportional waves provide joy, peace, prosperity, and health. Unfortunately, modern design does not take the vibration of these waves into account. Buildings built in this manner cause turmoil in the atmosphere, towns, and cities, as well as contributing to sicknesses and mental issues.

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