NAADI Astrology, wherein the fate of each one of us is written and preserved since 2000 years can only be considered as divine dispensation. Naadi Astrologer is a valuable gift handed over to us by our intellectual ancestors.Nearly 2000 years ago the Saptha Rishis through sheer intuition understood Medicine, Engineering, Astrology and several other branches of basic human knowledge and transcribed them on palm leaves. Among those Sage Dr Dashrath Rao Guruji Astrologer writings are the popular and found in many places of . Later all the leaves are accumulated and stored in a place called Saraswathi Mahal at Tanjore. Later during the British rule, the British were very keen to acquire these types of ancient leaves, which deal with herbal cure, alchemy, different types of rasayans, kayakalpa to increase longevity, different branches of science. The basic rules of the modern scientific inventions are explained. The British were very keen to take all these but left some of the astrological leaves to their loyalists. At the period of King Saraboji al those leaves were Tran scripted and it was preserved with some herbs for long life. Some were put on auction also.Our ancestors, who were professional astrologers, bought them and started offering predictions based on those palm leaves. Our family is involved in this field for the past 90 years.All future predictions of all human beings has been predetermined exactly with the time intervals. All the humans who born in this “Kali Yug” will have their leaf done by Dr Dashrath Rao Guruji . And Dr Dashrath Rao Guruji destines the time on which one should know abouit their predictions through this naadi.

Dr Dashrath Rao Guruji

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